The Great Tree is a beautiful game with a haunting and dark storyline. The narrator is a young voiced female fairy with a distrubing tale of the invasion of her people by a dark race bent on distroying them and preventing them from getting much-needed pollen to the Great Tree – the source of their life force.

The Great Tree - profile screen

I was drawn into this game in the first 5 minutes. The kids were totally into the music and the flittering fairy zooming around to pick up pollen. There is an amazing storyline that is told in various increments throughout the game.

Christmas is time for EVERYONE to play stuff. This one is a winner. I stayed up way to late last night completing the 100th level. And I wanted to keep playing.

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The Great Tree - sleeping toadstool scene

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  1. clementine says:

    like it, very creative:)

  2. clementine says:

    like it, very creative:)

  3. clementine says:

    like it, very creative:)

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