Smaller. Cheaper. Simpler. The new iPhone Nano.

I’m a bit burned out with all this technology. I’m trying to get less tethered to my devices, when possible. And my iPhone 5 is a good example of a great smart phone. And while I’m sure the faster bigger more expensive iPhone 6 would be a dramatic improvement in speed and fashion, I’m not sure what else I’d get out of it. Actually, the iPhone I was hoping for would’ve looked a lot more like this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.52.22 PM And that’s almost to scale. I wanted a smaller, less powerful, less expensive iPhone that would fit in my sock. But alas, the iPod Nano does not have wifi, or I might’ve been able to fake you out with Skype, and use the Nano as a phone. But it’s not designed that way.

What I would gladly give up: size, camera (both), massive storage.

What I really want: smaller, faster, less stuff.

So the Nano would make the perfect phone, if it was a phone. Somewhere between the watch and the iPhone 6. Until then I’d consider selling my 5 and going back to a 4s. BUT, I want the Ferrari of phones. I might not be able to afford a real Ferrari, but I can afford the Ferrari of smart phones. Once my contract is up in November.

Like a bad girlfriend, I’ll sign up for another 2 year relationship. I’ll drop or lose her a few times in the course of our relationship, and then, just because someone new comes along, I’m going to be looking for the end of my commitment so I can get something flashier and more newish. Sad thing about technology. The equipment keeps getting faster and prettier, and we keep doing the same crap with it.

Let’s evolve in both directions. Not just bigger, better, more expensive. How about smaller, cheaper, simpler. Not exactly Apple’s motto, but I think it has a certain ring to it.

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