“The evolution of social media depends on the evolution of the browsing experience.”

Open Source Collaboration is about Virtual Teams using web tools to manage and communicate asynchronously while still maintaining priorities and quality of communication. The first step on any new project (open or closed) is to  define the goal.

This post is only part of the challenge, but the goal of FFoFF has morphed into a process I refer to as The Cloud >> The View >> The App. And that process or workflow is the basis for a conversation I am intending to have with other simliar minded seekers. The goal is not to create the next killer app, or uber browser, the goal is to define what that evolved web experience might look like. And then, using free plugins, apps and browsers (0riginally FFoFF or FriendFeed on FireFox) to get as close to the goal as possible.

Through this discussion [preferably not a monologue] the intention is to articulate the needs and challenged of the next generation web experience. The evolution of social media depends on the evolution of the browsing experience. Things like secure transactions anywhere, on-the-fly translated content, consolidated profile management (across all of your networked sites) and public and private personas are all part of the puzzle that will drive the next generation of social media connections and networks.

(an invitation to dialogue and collaborate to build the requirements and demo of the UBER UI for the “social web.”)

  1. The project
  2. The tools
  3. The rationale
  4. The solutions
  5. The view
  6. The team
  7. The genesis

1. The project

Defining the Evolved Browser or Uber App for Social Media

2. The tools

  • FireFox 3 is the development platform and interface.
  • The tools are widgets, social media sites, online apps, clouds of data and on and on.
  • And FriendFeed is my current choice for uber aggregator of social content.

3. Rationale

  • I believe we can iterate an Uber Interface (a VIEW) that will have amazing flexibility and require a ZERO DOLLAR dev budget.
  • My Firefox bookmark bar is already a sort of streamlined UI. It is not good enough, and constantly changing and evolving. But it is FREE.

4. The Solution – Usage models for the solution.

  • The uber social master VIEW
  • BrainTraining and Teaching VIEW
  • The newbie VIEW

5. The VIEW

A view is a design and grouping of FFoFF elements. A view is an iteration. A view is a proof and hypothesis.

6. The team

John McElhenney

7. The genesis

I am searching for that initial FFoFF person and will post the link here poste haste. And if it’s you, please jump in and put yourself on the TEAM. Also please see Socialwiki and Wikisocial for an evolution of this process to an open source directory project.

[Initial wiki page created 7-15-08]

permalink: http://bit.ly/theview-exploded

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