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SOCIAL UNIVERSITY: Social Media Marketing Strategy Videos In Under 2-Minutes 

We’re too busy to follow every learning opportunity. The goal of these videos is to provide something of value, an actionable idea, in a very short time. Let me know if you have ideas or questions.

ROI in social media, creating business leads using social media
Social Media Marketing - the Social Media Strategist Evolves
Social Media and Marketing Tips in Under Two Minutes
Getting Your Content into the Social Media Stream
How to Start a Hangout with Google+
A 90-second intro so social media marketing
*All the videos are collected on the Social Media Strategies In-Less-Then-2-Minutes Playlist on YouTube.
  1. Social Marketing Strategies: Thinking Beyond the Page (VIDEO)
    We create content as posts, news stories, press releases, but we often don’t think of the other ways we can socialize our creative ideas beyond the traditional web.
  2. Social Network Content Marketing Tactics: Using LinkedIN Groups for Social Media (VIDEO)
    In socializing your content there a several easy tactics you can use to make your efforts more successful. This video shows the quickest way to share your content. And shows my sharing tactic for LinkedIn Groups, and the most efficient way to get your content into the right channels.
  3. How Can a Social Media Strategist Help Your Business? (VIDEO)
    How can a social media strategist address today’s challenges and keep your business focused on results rather than reaction.
  4. Google Analytics for Online Marketin (VIDEO)
    While Google Analytics is free and very comprehensive, sometimes we just need to understand the basics to make an impact on our business.
  5. Social Business ROI, Lead Generation in 75-seconds (VIDEO)
    How to use social media to build business leads and generate ROI.
  6. The 90-second Intro to Social Marketing (VIDEO)
    A quick overview of the concepts of building a social media strategy and what content marketing means.
  7. Social Creative Content – Simplifying My Social Media Messag (VIDEO)
    As I’ve been working up some new social media strategy plans for various clients I am often amazed by the number of skills and experience required build and manage a successful engagement. So I worked up a 90-second intro to social marketing to articulate where my skills and experience are strongest in social media.
Additional Content

There are more strategic ideas on the Social Media for Business page.

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