Those five (six) words are the most powerful in all of social media. It’s not the “buy now” button.

And as a result of those magic words this week I have FOUR leads. Two for perm opportunities, and two for consulting engagements. And none of them specifically asked for. But two of my networking buddies, old friends and mentors, are a fountain of connections. When I expressed a need for someone with Offshore manufacturing experience my friend said, “I’ve got someone for you.”

Those are magic words. And I try to say them twice as often as they are said about me. Keep the river wide open with energy and goodwill.

The only other phrase that is more powerful in business is, “How can I help.” And wouldn’t you know it, the “offshoring” connector said that phrase too. And he was not plumbing for business.

So try this. Next week, make twice the “I’ve got someone for you-s” and “how can I help-s.” Shoot for one per day of each phrase. Lead with WIIFY (What’s In It For You) rather than WIIFM. And I promise your karma and business network will benefit from the added energy.

Now if you know anyone at Facebook who can put in a good word for me…

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