UPDATE: The site seems to be up and stable, but I’m seeing a lot of this:

uber.la is down

I need to check into the outage. Since A2’s site was also down for a bit of time while my problems were occuring I am still quite interested to hear what they say the problem was/is.


It’s not the first time my little uber/virtual world has come crashing down. (my previous fail with A2 hosting) But this time as it was happening, I learned a few things that might be of interest to anyone else who is blogging and relying on the cloud services (managed hosting) of others to provide their digital and social connectivity.

What you do when your blog comes up DEAD.

the mail chimp plugin kills uber.la

  1. Try to log into the ADMIN section of your WordPress site.
  2. Use an FTP tool to delete any offending Plug-in. Simply remove the plugin, WP will heal itself.
  3. Use the control panel on your server to backup your database. Unless this was done recently.
  4. Use the control panel on your server to repair the database associated with the dead site.
  5. Submit support ticket with your hosting provider.
  6. If they are on Twitter, tweet to them about your troubles.
  7. Send them an email support ticket.
  8. Call your hosting provider.

Keep trying to reload your site between each of these steps.

Don’t panic.

If your hosting provider does not respond with sufficient gusto, look for new hosting provider.

Two things you can do in advance of a server failure that can help your mental fortitude.

  1. Use gmail for your email. If Gmail is down, there are a whole hell of a lot of people complaining and you can bet that Google has a gaggle of engineers working on the problem. If your POP3 server lives on your hosted server, well, when your site goes down your entire communications system goes down.
  2. Use an automatic WordPress backup program. Even if your site goes down it is likely your data is okay. If you have it backed up (there are options that email you the incremental updates) you will rest easy when something happens.

John McElhenney

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