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The 2011 Round Up and 2012 Trends to Watch in Social Media Marketing

Screen Shot 2011 12 28 at 9.45.42 AM The 2011 Round Up and 2012 Trends to Watch in Social Media MarketingIt’s been the best of years, it’s been the worst of years. My little list is going to be a bit self-centered, and serve as a best-of for 2011. Indulge me or forgive me, whichever is easiest. (grin)

The top news stories of 2011 as told by UBER.LA.

  1. Google+ Launches (The Most Important Social Technology – Google Hangouts)
  2. GoDaddy Balks and Still Loses Millions of Customers over SOPA < and the story continues
  3. A father figure to thousands and mentor, Dan Jones, dies suddenly of pancreatic cancer
  4. I’m hired as a high-level social media marketer but the CEO and VP of Marketing don’t "get" social media (I’ve got the scars and killer social metrics to prove it)
  5. A new company, Social Factor, is born
  6. A new client says yes, then no, then YES and we hit one out of the park
  7. Steve Jobs heads to iHeaven, and his bio is just okay
  8. Twitter takes a nose dive and The Twitter Way is still forthcoming
  9. Facebook still sucks for business and community
  10. I start my career in video production and release a free e-book (just like everyone else)
  11. Occupy Wall Street disrupts the status quo, flounders for a message, goes global, governments crack down
  12. I make a commitment to take "negative" out of this blog, proclaiming "positive is the new momentum."
  13. Untimely deaths of two young people: Auggie Grant and Ben Breedlove

Also, suggested by readers:

  • Facebook’s Timeline is enabled
  • Pintrest gets viral
  • Gowalla gets swallowed by Facebook and closes up shop in Austin
  • Klout makes a splash, pisses a bunch of people off, and tries to do better

And here’s what’s coming on even stronger in 2012.

  1. Google+ will continue to grow, but is not a threat to facebook or twitter
  2. Mobile browsing reaches 35% of all web traffic (SearchEngineLand and ComScore Reports)
  3. The iPad 3 will set the bar completely out of reach for Android tablets
  4. The iPhone 5 will indeed ship
  5. Social Factor will hire it’s 50th employee before the end of the year
  6. Businesses will continue to sink billions into facebook commerce and facebook advertising with returns in the hundredth of a percent. 0.01
  7. Twitter will continue to stumble, choked by scams, porn and coupons, they still won’t unlock the revenue model
  8. Siri will become the hottest search engine on the web, Google releases an answer for Android, to little too late
  9. Siri will agree to marry me
  10. Social media will continue to be a buzz word rather than a solid strategy, and we will keep trying to show the way with strategic social media plans
  11. ROI will not be the only goal of social media marketing
  12. Bing will continue to grow it’s search usage, but not at the expense of Google search
  13. SEO, SEM, SMM, social media, social marketing, social business will become know as "social" (that’s not going to happen)

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TOP 2011 Videos (short-form):

Top 2011 Movies (Long form):

… to be continued

Worst 2011 Movies (Long form)

… to be continued

Best Music Releases of 2011

  • Foster the People
  • Steven Malkmus (produced by Beck… to be continued)
… to be continued


Worst Music Releases of 2011

  • Radiohead: King of Limbs
  • Coldplay: Milxo Fdkreco (some dumb ass name)
  • Fountain of Waynes: don’t even remember the title
… to be continued

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