2011 INFOGRAPHIC on Uber.la < the social media strategy blog stats

Screen Shot 2012 01 02 at 1.21.17 PM 2011 INFOGRAPHIC on Uber.la < the social media strategy blog stats

Screen Shot 2012 01 02 at 1.18.20 PM1 2011 INFOGRAPHIC on Uber.la < the social media strategy blog stats

Screen Shot 2012 01 02 at 1.18.35 PM 2011 INFOGRAPHIC on Uber.la < the social media strategy blog stats

See the entire Infographic on Uber.la’s 2011 stats from the great Jetpack Team at WordPress.

And for good measure here is Jan 1, 2021 to Jan 1, 2021

Screen Shot 2012 01 02 at 1.30.15 PM1 2011 INFOGRAPHIC on Uber.la < the social media strategy blog stats

It’s been a great year. Thanks for being part of it. See the 2011 Summary and Best of 2012!

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The 2011 Round Up and 2012 Trends to Watch in Social Media Marketing

Screen Shot 2011 12 28 at 9.45.42 AM The 2011 Round Up and 2012 Trends to Watch in Social Media MarketingIt’s been the best of years, it’s been the worst of years. My little list is going to be a bit self-centered, and serve as a best-of for 2011. Indulge me or forgive me, whichever is easiest. (grin)

The top stories of 2011 as told by UBER.LA.

  1. Google+ Launches (The Most Important Social Technology – Google Hangouts)
  2. GoDaddy Balks and Still Loses Millions of Customers over SOPA < and the story continues
  3. A father figure to thousands and mentor, Dan Jones, dies suddenly of pancreatic cancer
  4. I’m hired as a high-level social media marketer but the CEO and VP of Marketing don’t "get" social media (I’ve got the scars and killer social metrics to prove it)
  5. A new company, Social Factor, is born
  6. A new client says yes, then no, then YES and we hit one out of the park
  7. Steve Jobs heads to iHeaven, and his bio is just okay
  8. Twitter takes a nose dive and The Twitter Way is still forthcoming
  9. Facebook still sucks for business and community
  10. I start my career in video production and release a free e-book (just like everyone else)
  11. Occupy Wall Street disrupts the status quo, flounders for a message, goes global, governments crack down
  12. I make a commitment to take "negative" out of this blog, proclaiming "positive is the new momentum."
  13. Untimely deaths of two young people: Auggie Grant and Ben Breedlove

Also, suggested by readers:

  • Facebook’s Timeline is enabled
  • Pintrest gets viral
  • Gowalla gets swallowed by Facebook and closes up shop in Austin
  • Klout makes a splash, pisses a bunch of people off, and tries to do better

And here’s what’s coming on even stronger in 2012.

  1. Google+ will continue to grow, but is not a threat to facebook or twitter
  2. Mobile browsing reaches 35% of all web traffic (SearchEngineLand and ComScore Reports)
  3. The iPad 3 will set the bar completely out of reach for Android tablets
  4. The iPhone 5 will indeed ship
  5. Social Factor will hire it’s 50th employee before the end of the year
  6. Businesses will continue to sink billions into facebook commerce and facebook advertising with returns in the hundredth of a percent. 0.01
  7. Twitter will continue to stumble, choked by scams, porn and coupons, they still won’t unlock the revenue model
  8. Siri will become the hottest search engine on the web, Google releases an answer for Android, to little too late
  9. Siri will agree to marry me
  10. Social media will continue to be a buzz word rather than a solid strategy, and we will keep trying to show the way with strategic social media plans
  11. ROI will not be the only goal of social media marketing
  12. Bing will continue to grow it’s search usage, but not at the expense of Google search
  13. SEO, SEM, SMM, social media, social marketing, social business will become know as "social" (that’s not going to happen)
TOP 2011 Videos (short-form):

Top 2011 Movies (Long form):

… to be continued

Worst 2011 Movies (Long form)

… to be continued

Best Music Releases of 2011

  • Foster the People
  • Steven Malkmus (produced by Beck… to be continued)
… to be continued


Worst Music Releases of 2011

  • Radiohead: King of Limbs
  • Coldplay: Milxo Fdkreco (some dumb ass name)
  • Fountain of Waynes: don’t even remember the title
… to be continued

And a few of the best 2011 > 2012 posts from around the web:

TechCrunch’s 2011 Tech Moments

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A Few Google+ Strategies You Should Know About

Screen Shot 2011 12 07 at 3.24.04 PM A Few Google+ Strategies You Should Know About

In the early days of Twitter, your network consisted of people you knew, or people who your people knew. For the most part, in 2007, everyone was connected with their followers. Some one would tweet about meeting up at a coffee shop and it was usually in your town and loosely connected with your circle of friends.

Google+ has a similar feel, on a larger scale. For the most part, at the moment, most of the people I’m CIRCLED with are techie, early adopters, who enjoy talking about social media, twitter and mostly Google+. And that’s okay. The conversations on Google+ tend to be micro-focused. There are BEER circles who enjoy pouring pints of obscure local brews in front of the camera in a Google+ Hangout. There are foodie, hacking, joke telling, and technical Circles. And if you spend any time in Google Hangouts (something I highly recommend) you will begin seeing the same few faces. People will greet you when you pop in to a Hangout. Amazing.

But of course this golden age of "connected" Plusers can’t last. As the number of G+ accounts grows so does the attraction for spammers, porn peddlers, MLM networks, and evil of evil, the COUPONers. You know they are coming. But the tipping point has not been reached and the Google+ network is kind of cozy.

Here are a few things that will make your Google+ experience a better one.

Essential Google+ Extensions for Chrome:

  • Uncirle Uncirclers (chrome)
  • Extended Share (chrome) Share + Posts on Facebook or Twitter or both!
  • Uncircle Inactives (chrome)
  • G+me for Google Plus™  (the Chrome extension that collapses the Stream)
  • Hangout Canopy (find Hangouts all over the web, even if you’re not circled)

Two Google+ Portals

Massive Interest Lists for Google+

And finally my list (circle) building tip. While G+ is not a numbers race yet, at least for most of us, it is good to have more people following you. When you post something of value the potential that it will connect with your network goes up, and your opportunities for connecting with new people goes up. So here’s my simple network growing process.

First you want to go to your Circles tab:

Screen Shot 2011 12 30 at 8.04.45 AM A Few Google+ Strategies You Should Know About

Each time you open this page, G+ will recommend people to add to your Circles. If you find people you recognize you can add them to specific circles like "acquaintances" or "friends" or "business." Simple right? THEN, what you want to do is Circle up everyone else into your "FOLLOWING" Circle. And you can reload the page several times and Google will load up another hundred or so "related" Google+ users. You know you have done your work for the day when you see this.

Screen Shot 2011 12 30 at 8.04.38 AM A Few Google+ Strategies You Should Know About

That means you are done for the day. And what you will see, is that 20 or so people a day will see that you are following them and they will Circle you back. So, complain if you like, that this is gaming the numbers again, just like Twitter. BUT… In the end, social networking is about numbers. And using the tools provided is always allowable. Hate the game not the playa!

And then get out there and hangout, you will be amazed who you run across from around the world. It’s a developing open network for uncensored communications and connections. Join it.

More Google+ vs Facebook notes.

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The Problem with Social Media ROI and the PR Agency’s Dilemma

Screen Shot 2011 12 29 at 8.36.18 AM The Problem with Social Media ROI and the PR Agencys DilemmaThere is more to social media than immediate ROI. BUT, I think the majority of businesses are still waiting for the verdict and the ratio of dollars-to-leads or dollars-to-sales to be established for social media. And until that time they will dabble (set up a Facebook page) and let their staff or interns post and tweet for them. In small and medium business it’s pretty much a wait and see climate for social media.

I was having a discussion yesterday about why a major PR agency couldn’t execute on my friend’s social media goals. "We hired them, thinking we were going with the best, but they really didn’t do much with our social media."

What’s the problem at agencies, then, who are supposed to be building the case for social media? And why are PR agencies typically so bad at social media, I mean, aren’t they sort of the same thing?

The answer is no, PR and SR (social relations) are not the same practice. While PR is primarily announcements and events, SR is more about frequent communications about more routine things, and more about getting the potential (or current) customer into a dialogue about your product or services. And if you can unlock that two-way exchange, you begin exponentially increasing the "reach" of your message. PR agencies use massive distribution networks, that they pay for, to broadcast news, press releases, and announcements. And they certainly get the information OUT THERE. But usually that’s the end of the PR agencies involvement. They get the message "release" out there.

While PR agencies have started adding social media as part of their services, the task is usually assigned to the junior members of the existing staff. Why? Well, the real reason is, back to the first part of this discussion, what’s the ROI of social media activities and efforts? So if you are an agency trying to bill for each hour your staff spends on an account, and social media takes 3x to 4x what your push media takes, can you actually bill those higher hours? Not if you want your clients to stick around.

So at this national PR agency my friend was discussing, they were spending several hundred thousand dollars a year and this industry leader was supposed to be handling the SR as well as the PR. The problem was, there was no leadership on the social relations part of the account. And the main reason behind that disconnect was the billing rate of the more senior staff, would’ve pushed the social media costs well out of alignment with the rest of the agency’s work. So what did they do, the tried to fake it, with junior people getting limited direction from senior staff, most of whom didn’t care a flip about social media. I mean, it’s still "unproven" right?

My friend fired the agency for both the PR and SR.

So what’s the ROI of social media? How do we calculate the dollars per customer acquisition, or cost per lead?

You can work harder to get the funnel to match the social intake. And you can set up very detailed goals and tracking codes in Google Analytics. And you can attempt to justify each dollar spent on Facebook or Twitter or blogging by tagging it with a sale that happened. BUT… That may not be the best approach.

With small and medium businesses there is not a lot of time and budget to go around for experiments. Same in the PR agency trying to cover social relations as well. And measurements like "activity" and "share of voice" do little to encourage the practical metrics of social media.

Unfortunately I cannot give you the A + B + social = sales formula for social media. I can try, and I have some ideas, but it probably won’t work for your specific business. That does not mean that a social media strategy and execution firm cannot help you, and help you at a reasonable cost with very clear benefits to your bottom line. We can. And the STRATEGY is the easy part. What’s not easy is the CONTENT.

Once the accounts are all set up, what are you going to blog about, tweet about, facebook about? And who’s going to watch the accounts and make sure you are responding to the people who do show up and ask questions on the social media channels. (An alarming statistic says that 95% of all facebook questions go unanswered on business pages.)

So, in my opinion, the hard part about social media is

  • figuring out what to share about that will be interesting or of "social" value to your customers or potential customers
  • assigning staff to monitor and respond to social media, even if you can’t assign a sale to each interaction
  • developing clear traffic measurements and goals that are actionable, that you can use to make positive changes

The rest of the equation is much more relative to your particular business, the length of your sales cycle, if your product is eCommerce ready, and how you measure success.

Ignoring social media, or assigning your intern to do it all, is probably not the best approach if you want to see results. But using an agency that now claims to do social media, may not be very effective either.

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NOTE: If you want to see what I’m proposing as a solution, check out my new agency Social Factor. We’re a different breed all together.

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