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I just gave my Apple watch to my teenage daughter. It’s not that I didn’t think it was cool, or pretty, or innovative, but as a timepiece it felt a bit cumbersome. I really wanted something more sleek, like my Nike Fuelband (available on a Craigslist near you for about $40). While the design and idea behind the Apple Watch was innovative and breathtaking, the 2.0 version released last week does nothing for me.

UPDATE: If you don’t have an iPhone, the new GPS-enabled Apple Watch might be a winner for you. If you have an iPhone, it is a bit less exciting.

Adds GPS in the watch. Yeah, so… 95% of the time I’ve got my phone in my back pocket, so who cares. Of course, if you’re not an iPhone user this is a big deal. I am, so "meh."

Adds some colors and some additional speed. Um, yeah, what’s the killer app again?

Nike seems to have done a version with Apple (guess we saw that coming) with a nice new band and a slightly new look.

The big DOH moment is when I’m talking to an Apple Genius in the store about the new features of the 2.0 version, and he draws a blank beyond the GPS.

So here’s the bottom line. If you want an Apple Watch you can probably get by with the v 1.0 for a lot less than a v 2.0. If you have an iPhone you don’t need a v 2.0. Until Apple releases the WatchOS to third-party hardware developers, we’re likely to see the underwhelming releases like we saw last week. Sure, it’s great for Christmas buying season, and for those folks who don’t have an iPhone, but for us hardcore Apple folks, the new Apple Watch was not really much of an improvement.

I can’t wait, however, to see how they are going to update the MacBook Pro in a few months. That’s an UPGRADE I’m hungry for.

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