PALEOFX April 27, 2018


Left to right

Kyle Kingsbury – MMA- retired – ONNIT;

Jolly Jolly –;

Ben Greenfield – Greenfield Fitness Systems;

Alex Charfen – Billionaire Code

Moderator: Dr. Kirk Parsley – Doc Parsley

I didn’t understand a lot of the acronyms these guys were using, but the commitment to #biohacking (the idea of using supplements, electronics, mindfulness, and technology to hack our lives into better, optimal, humans. Are you hacking as hard as you can? Are there hacks that hurt? Would you hack with something that gives you great results for the next ten years, but kills you ten years quicker? Is it dangerous? Is there data on it from reliable sources?

You’ve seen all the new “enhancing” drinks on the market. We’re talking a few steps beyond RedBull, nowadays most energy drinks boast some neutraceutical superfood or supplement as part of their pretty can and alluring promises. More attention. Greater clarity and focus. Energy, yes, but enlightened energy, in some form, seems to be the promise. I’m a fan. But the jury is out on the results these nootropics can deliver. Is there a risk? Are there downsides to great enhancements? Are there any “must do” biohacks that this group recommends? That’s what I set out to see, by attending PaleoFx 2018 this weekend in Austin, Texas.

The random capture, during the talk, as I was trying to understand the terminology and the brands/products that were being mentioned. I was also trying to catch some pearls of wisdom, truisms, big points that these biohack pioneers were giving out.


Smoke a lot of weed while I’m fasting so I can sleep.


Hacker Guide: Do yoga and meditate.

Enthusiast: Why do you keep telling me to do yoga and meditate?

Hacker: You mean you’re not doing it yet?

Enthusiast: Um…

Hacker: That’s why I keep saying it. Do yoga and meditate.


We need to leverage the group data. Build better datasets overall. Google Health seemed to be going in the right direction. Let’s see what comes next for building larger datasets on what works and what doesn’t. Maybe there’s a role for blockchain in all this.


SelfQuant: get datasets on yourself, the stuff your blood can tell you, get it done, get your dataset, if I’d have known I would’ve done mine a lot sooner. Learn your data. Learn where you need support and work.


The cow is the problem. (eat meat if you like, but eat healthy meat, not mainstream meat.


Self-awareness is the biggest hack of all!


Hydration is the number one biohack!


Intermittent fasting: “Is there something good to eat here, eat. Is there nothing good to eat here: fast.”


I’ve got my stem cells stored offline for future use.


Favorite Hack/Device: PMF device. Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency.



I have a little bit of experience with this substance: modafinil


Know what your goals are and modify your intake based on those. If you try something and you feel like shit the next day, you might not put that in your stack.


Givens/Must-haves/Of Course

Fish oil & vitamin D





LSD makes me feel fantastic. Micro-dosing.



Sensor21 – reddit


Livestream PaleoFX Now

Be careful out there, and practice safehex.

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