Blocking and Tackling Your Day

I have a creative virus. I wake up most days with some idea I want to capture. It could be an image that triggers a poem. An angry text from a kid or an ex-wife that leads to a post. Or a song that comes on in my earbuds and calls me to pick up a guitar. I’m trying to do a Happy Friday Song. So far, I’ve done two.

I always want to be playing music, writing, or playing tennis, or talking to my friends. I do LIKE my day job, it’s a great day job, but it’s my day job. I don’t really want to be Sting or Bono, but I’d like to pull back from the day job routine and being making a bit more money with my creative (music and writing) pursuits. I’ve had some great results from coaching, but it’s a bit too engaging.

When I coach a dad getting ready to get filleted in divorce, I often get off the call and need to vent a bit. I can’t vent to the client. I hold my own emotional energy and deal with it later. I’m the coach. I don’t need to vent to a client.

I don’t actually need to vent at my ex-wife or her husband either. Venting is better done in private. With a coach, therapist, or minister, I can get some empathy for the adverse actions others continue to take. Even when the consequences of drama and anger are obvious, I don’t have to rise to the occasion. I have to rise above it.

Today, the creative virus is for my Happy Friday song. Today’s pick.

The Weakerthans, Exiles Among You. (YouTube link is to the entire album, jumping to this song)

But here’s the new lesson, I seem to have forgotten in the past, but today.

don't be stupid, do your work
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Today, I’m going to finish my work work and then do the Weakerthans song. How do you stay on track when your creativity tries to overwhelm your work obligations?

Let’s talk about it. The comments are always open.

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