Blogger Manifesto: 1. Write; 2. Submit; 3. Converse; 4. Be Nice


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How does blogging help your business?

As a tech support help person at BlogathonATX today, I am being asked a lot about "blogging."

I absolutely hate the term. I rarely refer to myself as a blogger. Um. I guess I am. I guess this <points fingers to all four corners of the page you are reading> is a blog. But don’t remind me of that, okay? I prefer to think of it as a WordPress-enabled website.

So, what is it?

  • a book
  • a magazine
  • a website
  • a conversation
  • a rant
  • a confessional

And therefore what am I?

  • a poet
  • a writer
  • a radical
  • a tech writer
  • a lunatic
  • a blogger

I am NOT a blogger, dammit. Get that straight.

So what has got my "blogging panties in a bundle?" I think it’s the term BLOG. Let’s not call it that any more. I want to be a "writer" when I grow up. I don’t want to be a blogger, for goodness sake.

I share. And I share about blogging. And for YOUR convenience, I’ll string a little Blogging 101 reference here. Just for today, you can call me a blogger, a blogger’s blogger, a blogger who blogs about blogging. But that’s not *really* what I do.

Blogging 101 for Subversives

Know Your Numbers

Beyond the Blog

My MUST HAVE WordPress Plugins

  • BulletProof Security < this should make things pretty solid and unhackable
  • Google Analyticator < my favorite GA add on
  • Google XML Sitemaps < cause you want to tell the search engines when to update your content
  • Greg’s High Performance SEO < much more efficient than All-In-One SEO
  • P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) < see what’s might be slowing your blog down
  • Tag Suggest Thing < cause sometimes you just don’t want to think up tags and keywords
  •  Topsy Retweet Button < much more than a retweet system, check it out
  •   W3 Total Cache < fantastic caching system, allows for total control
  •    WassUp < how many people are on your blog right now
  •     Contact Form 7 < cause you need a contact form
  •      Disqus Comment System < comments are awesome, but you need a system
  • Link Juice Keeper < if you kill a post, this plugin will redirect them without a 404
  •  WP-reCAPTCHA < spam killa, easy, simple, thorough

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