Screen shot 2009 12 14 at 5.42.44 PM Capture and Share Your Experience to Become a Leader: the Blogging PathNobody is going to share or care about you in the social verse unless you are expressing yourself.

"Do I need to start blogging?" I am asked frequently.

"I don’t know," I say. "Do you think I’m going to dig into your Facebook posts or Twitter history to see what you are interested in?"

The barriers to entry are low. Free services are plentiful and make it easy to look good. Heck they even do the search optimization for you if you hook up the right plug-in.

The path to blog relevance is long. But it IS a path you cannot afford to ignore. If you are already SET in your life and career (Mr. Jobs, Mr. Dell, Mr. Trump) then perhaps the view from your mountain top is already complete. For the majority of us who are still working to pay for things, I’d say sooner or later you have to start up the hill.

You can pause and contemplate your voice, niche, or reason for blogging for a little while. And perhaps I should’ve paused a few times before I hit "publish" in the past. But you cannot brood or postpone starting the journey forever.

Remember that this social media thing is a journey and not a mountain top destination. The steps up the path of engagement and self-discovery are likely to be fruitful and illuminating.



photo Path to Putukusi Mountain courtesy of Gerry and Denise Aitken

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