Loving the Body: Size, Weight, Color, Age, Fitness, Happiness

As I am evaluating and learning to love my 50-year-old body, I am also aware of the 50-year-old women’s bodies in my range of sight. I have not had much time to look at them. I have experience with really only one such body, over the years. I loved all the changes in my then-wife’s body. I was into my older woman.

Biohacking Your Health for Longevity and Optimal Performance (@PaleoFX – day one)

#biohacking (the idea of using supplements, electronics, mindfulness, and technology to hack our lives into better, optimal, humans. Are you hacking as hard as you can? Are there hacks that hurt? Would you hack with something that gives you great results for the next ten years, but kills you ten years quicker?

YouTube TV – How Do You Get Your Entertainment On?

Yep, the big daddy of streaming media (YouTube) and the big daddy of online everything (Google) have taken to the interwebs to bring you the next thing in streaming entertainment. (They are the same company, btw.) I mean, if you get everything from Google it simplifies things, doesn’t it? (Unless you think Google is evil, and they just might be.)

11 Steps to Transforming My Facebook Masterplan: Reach and Engagement

You see about 5% of your friend’s stuff and the rest is curated and targeted marketing. But don’t give up hope, there are some strategies that still work on Facebook and don’t cost you any money.

What I Want In An Apple Watch 3.0

Okay, so it’s been no mystery that the Apple Watch 2.0 has been kind of a bust. All of us with Apple Watch 1.0s were looking forward to a big upgrade or some major difference and what we got was “waterproofing” and GPS built-in. Not such a huge win if the watch was already on […]

Apple’s Stock is Falling, But Don’t Worry

Yes, the iPhone growth has plateaued. And Apple’s stock is falling. But here’s a little note about why you shouldn’t be panicking. The iPhone growth rates were stupidly high – since the release of the iPhone it has broken all sales records The iPhone 7 is faster, but doesn’t really offer a new “must have” […]

I’ve Gone Electric: My Comprehensive Review of the BMW i3

Overall the i3 has lived up to my expectations and exceeded all but my overly demanding stereo system desires. There is very little I would change about the car, outside of giving it an unlimited or hydrogen-powered mode. I’ll look at the owner’s manual in the next few weeks and give you a rundown of what I discover as my journey with the i3 continues.