Where We Get Our News – Is It Easily Faked?

I’m guessing my trend is not unlike many others. I no longer subscribe to any physical newspapers, though I have a love of the Sunday Times. And when I’m opening my day, I usually turn to Facebook first. Yes, I get most of the day’s news from Facebook. My friends are the aggregators of what […]

LinkedIn is Dead

The once proud LinkedIn has passed the threshold of being a useful social media network. It is now simply a place to keep and update your public resume. It’s amazing to see how Microsoft has killed the golden goose so quickly. By first making the page and interface more like Facebook, they might have gone […]

The Facebook Trap: A Black Hole of Time and Loss

Facebook is fun. It’s addictive. It’s designed to be addictive. The more Facebook can keep you on Facebook the more ads they are able to serve up to your account and your friend’s accounts. But Facebook is killing your productivity. Take a break from Facebook for the day and see how much more you get […]