YouTube TV – How Do You Get Your Entertainment On?

Yep, the big daddy of streaming media (YouTube) and the big daddy of online everything (Google) have taken to the interwebs to bring you the next thing in streaming entertainment. (They are the same company, btw.) I mean, if you get everything from Google it simplifies things, doesn’t it? (Unless you think Google is evil, and they just might be.)

GMail is Broken: How Long Will Google Leave Users Hanging?

I’ve had an issue with Gmail for a few months. Well, since October of 2017… So, for an eternity in internet time. Here’s what Kiwi Mail for Gmail looks like. But Gmail looks like this in all three browsers and Open Gmail from Google. Have you been seeing this screen lately? Gmail simply will not […]

REVIEW: Google Domains – Good Bye GoDaddy, Good Riddance

So for me, while I have GoDaddy domains coming up for renewal I will move everything to Google Domains. One more egg in Google’s basket, yes, but cutting the ties with GoDaddy once and for all will be a welcome completion.