YouTube TV – How Do You Get Your Entertainment On?

Yep, the big daddy of streaming media (YouTube) and the big daddy of online everything (Google) have taken to the interwebs to bring you the next thing in streaming entertainment. (They are the same company, btw.) I mean, if you get everything from Google it simplifies things, doesn’t it? (Unless you think Google is evil, and they just might be.)

A Highly-Biased First Look at the Apple iPhone 8 and ATT Customer Service

Okay, so I didn’t need a new phone. My iPhone 7+ is just fine. Fast enough. Battery life and functionality is just fine. But… of course, Apple’s new iPhones tempt all of us Apple fan boys. So I jumped in and pre-ordered an 8 in black with 64 gigs. That was my first mistake. My […]

Moore’s Law and Apple’s MacBook Pro Problem – 2018 MacBook Redesign

Update, Moore’s Law, April 2018. Here’s my 2012 MacBook Pro stats. I’ve got a 500 mb solid state drive (SSD). And the real miss, so far, is the processor that has not done much but nudge up the speed in the last SIX YEARS. And the touchbar is a meh design feature, and I hear […]

How Streaming Music Sucks the Life Out of Music

Caveat: Let me be clear. It’s not the streaming that’s the issue. It’s the royalties paid primarily to the BIG artists and almost zero to the small artists. Stream OK, but BUY THE MUSIC YOU LOVE. Support the musicians themselves and not just the mega-corp labels, lawyers, and streaming companies. +++ I know it’s an […]

My First 36-hours with The Apple Watch

Over all, at this moment 1.5 days in, the watch is a watch and a very intuitive way to interact with my phone. Responding to texts seems to be it’s current magic app for me.

REVIEW: Google Domains – Good Bye GoDaddy, Good Riddance

So for me, while I have GoDaddy domains coming up for renewal I will move everything to Google Domains. One more egg in Google’s basket, yes, but cutting the ties with GoDaddy once and for all will be a welcome completion.

Cloud Hosting Blip: A Near Miss & Fantastic Recovery by A2 Hosting

So we’re back on the train. And my site is back on the speeding bullet train of SSD-powered cloud hosting. Take a look around. Check out the various areas of the site and see if you notice the responsiveness of the site. And if you’re in the business of web marketing, you might consider what a SLOW server is costing you.