What Will You Make Your Life About?

Always be arcing back towards what you want to be known for, for your heart’s desire, for what gives you the most joy. LETTER EIGHTEEN Finding your purpose sounds like a really daunting task, and I have run away from that phrase for my entire life. But figuring out what my life is going to […]

The Creative Impulse: Easy to Contain, Easier to Kill

LETTER FIFTEEN It is much easier to ignore our creative impulses than to indulge in the craft of trying to bring them to life. That’s a real problem for a writer, painter, or musician. The little spark of an idea must be captured and fanned until it catches fire and becomes a story, painting, or song. […]

Pointing Your Arrow: The Artist’s Way to Happiness

LETTER FOURTEEN It’s not the success that I’ve had that gives me joy. It’s not fame or fortune that pleases my soul. For me, it’s the perfectly struck chord, the phrase that captures exactly what I’m feeling, the letters scattered across a handwritten notebook that please ME. That’s the important part to remember. It is […]

Solitude and the Artistic Temperament

Pass through the darkness. Embrace the dark nights of your soul as they have arrived to tell you something. LETTER THIRTEEN We’ve got to talk about the dark side for a moment. If you’ve got a handful of guiding artists that you look to for inspiration, you’re likely to have a few that succumbed to […]

Survive & Thrive: First Find Your Congregation Within

When the money runs out, my inspiration get’s pretty desperate. Entire creative cannons in motion and lit up begin to crumble as I doubt myself. And trying to push into the creative as an income stream, for me, has never worked. I’m not interested in being a starving artist. So one of the first struggles, […]

Paralyzed By Opportunity: The Firehose of Ideas

LETTER ELEVEN It’s not ideas that count, it is the execution of those ideas. Every day of your life, as a creative person, you are going to be assailed by your mind with 227 ideas. (There’s no rhyme or reason for this number, yours is likely to be much higher.) The challenge as an artist is how […]

Opening to the Poetic In Your Life: Poetic Listening

Poetry is very personal and precious. Don’t let your self-expression be squelched by others’ opinions or reviews. Do you’re poetry. If it pleases you, be joyous with that. If it pleases someone else, you’ve just had an answered prayer.

Get Into Your Mess: Cleaning Can Be a Distraction

Don’t let your compulsive cleanliness get in the way of your soaring inspirations. “Just close the door mom,” is a fine answer. (Even if mom is just an idea in your head.)

Stop Talking: Do The Work, Don’t Talk About Doing It

Letter Eight If you’re talking about your work rather than doing it, you are letting out a lot of energy. This energy (joy, excitement, recognition, community, support) is better used by focusing on DOING the work rather than TALKING ABOUT DOING the work. It’s an easy concept, but it’s harder to learn and master. The […]