The Disciplines of Social Media

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The Many Disciplines of Social Media

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The posts below frame the initial structure of the ebook, but there is a ton more information and links to resources inside the downloadable version. These posts contain the raw material of the disciplines of social media as I am writing them. My goal is to make the eBook quicker and better than reading the posts below, it is optimized for efficiency and impact.

The First 4 Disciplines of Social Media: Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
Google Analytics: When Google made their powerful analytics tool FREE to the masses, they sealed their leadership in search and social media.
Facebook: Long on audience but short on results. Even with tools like GA it is hard to calculate the value of an active Facebook Fan page.
LinkedIN: Little secret: The business conversations are going on inside LinkedIN. What Facebook is to social, LinkedIN is to business.
Twitter: So much has been hyped about Twitter that it’s hard for most people to fathom what is going on without some sort of Twitter coaching.

The 5th Discipline of Social Media; Story, Voice, and Connective Threads
Story and the human voice, not the company voice, are what people connect with. People want to tribe with other people not with companies. So who is the voice of your company? Is it the coupon writer? Is it your PR department trying to weave a compelling “story” around your new product launch?

The 6th Discipline of Social Media: Slideshare Is Great for Marketing
If you are in business you build Powerpoint presentations. (decks) And if you are looking for inspiration or some of the latest data to be gathered and broadcast you’d better get on over to

The 7th Discipline of Social Media; KLOUT, the New Measure of Influence
Know your Klout score. Love it. Influence it by being a real participant. Respect the Klout. (See also: What’s Killing Klout? What About Other Reputation Systems?)

The 8th Discipline of Social Media; Tagging with Delicious, ReFinding Your Links
Sure you can always Google it again, but how much time did it take you to find that specific comment last time, tag it and forget it and it’s always there when you need it, or when you need to share it. (See also: Pinterest and the Power of Social Bookmarking: Tag Yourself)

The 9th Discipline of Social Media: Listening. Building Your Social Media Dashboard
Another massive challenge in working social media is how to setup your listening dashboard. Here are a couple of my favorite listening dashboards using free tools.

The 10th Discipline of Social Media; Socializing Your Content Effectively 
You’ve written a great post. You’ve posted it and tweeted it. What else can you do to get the word out, to engage your first-time visitors?

The 11th and 12th Disciplines of Social Media: Pinterest and Instagram
So you might not get either one of these new networks right away, but let me assure you, you need to know them both. The future of consumer sharing is changing dramatically, and Pinterest and Instagram are frontline apps in changing online behaviors.

Upcoming Disciplines of Social Media
  • The 13th Discipline of Social Media: The YouTube Search Engine (in development)
  • The 14th Discipline of Social Media: Google+ What It Is and Why It Matters (in development)

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