Facebook Just Hijacked Your Email Address – Here’s How to Fix It

Published on 06/26/2012, by
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It may not be a big deal, it may be trivial and easy to fix, but today Facebook up and hijacked your email address on Facebook. Did you even know you had an email address? Well, welcome to post-IPO Facebook, making changes because they can.

The fix is really easy, but here’s a diagram on how to do it quickly.

Screen Shot 2012 06 26 at 5.19.37 PM Facebook Just Hijacked Your Email Address   Heres How to Fix It

click to view full-screen from

The PPT slides can be viewed and downloaded from Facebook Email Hijack Fix

Don’t thank me, thank Mark and Co. for enabling and changing a "feature" and turning a change into a "benefit."

I’m pretty sure I won’t be publishing or using my email address. I can’t imagine anything much worse, managing email within Facebook. UG! Be prepared for what’s next from Facebook, because it’s coming.

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