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9 Responses to Facebook Scams? HiJacking Giftcards on Facebook? (RAYBAN, OAKLEY, APPLE)

  1. socialstacy says:

    So scary how so many of these scams are becoming so common…Is there anything that Facebook can do to prevent these from happening?

  2. I have seen lots of hacking plans on facebook and I will not get surprised if another one comes out.

  3. megagumby says:

    the target one seems to be back :…

  4. megagumby says:

    the target one seems to be back :…

  5. Absolutely, Facebook can be held responsible for this, they supposedly review every ad that comes up, that should mean that they visit these pages, and large brands like this should automatically be flagged. But like so much else at Facebook, they drop the ball (ever tried asking for help in one of their developer forums, good luck). Facebook does so well because nobody really gets it, how many people succumb to Farmville, Mafia Wars, et. al only to see others, probably Josh Ashlie, Sarah, and Allie from the above post, who are beating the heck out of everyone else. So first step is to spam all of your friends with requests to get extra points, then you get to the middle tier, but still can't seem to get into the upper echelon, so you look into affiliate offers. A few hundred wasted dollars later and you have a game that works like it should have in the first place. It's such an easy place to scam because people use it to connect with real friends and family who they trust, unlike twitter & myspace where you actually go to meet people (or went in the case of myspace). Basically Facebook got lucky that a bunch of college kids got on it a few years back and made it popular in their circles, and then they opened it up to the rest of the world. I still like myspace much better but don't use it at all anymore, sad really 🙁

  6. jmacofearth says:

    Gracias Mr. May.

  7. elijahmay says:

    You're right on there. It'll be interesting to see what kind of policies evolve in the coming year.

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