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I’ve had an issue with Gmail for a few months. Well, since October of 2017… So, for an eternity in internet time. Here’s what Kiwi Mail for Gmail looks like. But Gmail looks like this in all three browsers and Open Gmail from Google.

Have you been seeing this screen lately? Gmail simply will not load in “standard view” and forces me to click the little link taking me back to Gmail circa 2005. Here’s what my current gmail view looks like.

There is something to be said for going retro, but this is ridiculous! If you use multiple Gmail accounts for various clients, and multiple google calendars as well, this situation is quite simply fkd.

And do you think Google and their engineers are working on the fix? This issue has been intermittent since October 2017. And, well, it’s been quite a while and the forums have offered no fix and no timeline for a fix. What does Google’s own search tell us about the issue?

From CNET in 2010, we were dealing with a similar issue according to this quote:

Here are the top SERP results from the search above.

Here is the fix directly from Google’s Help pages:

And if that doesn’t fix your issue, Google points us to the G Suite Status Dashboard which seems like a good idea, except here’s what that page looks like today.

Well, that certainly looks good for Google, right? Not a single issue over the last week. Wow, that’s impressive. Except do you really believe it? NONE? Not one outage or issue? I wonder if my dashboard is just for MY G Suite Apps? It certainly doesn’t map with my experience.

What is working perfectly is Google Calendar and all its integrations with my phone and my mac. But Gmail? Not so much. I’m still looking for the fix. The issue must be at a system level, because none of my 3 browsers will log Gmail in standard view. (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) Everything in Gmail works great on my phone, including my ability to switch through several Gmail accounts on the fly… But on my mac… Let’s just say I’m very unhappy. And I’ve been looking for the FIX since October.

If you know how to fix my mac’s inability to load Gmail, please contact me directly. I’ll pay you for the answer and then I’ll make you internet famous by publishing you and your fix right here on the pages of

Here’s the #4 fix on the Google Gmail help page.

Check your Gmail labs: If you have any labs turned on, try opening Gmail by visiting Yeah, that’s fine, but it won’t load labs in HTML view mode and I can get standard mode to load, EVER. 

Looking forward to your help.

Take Care Out There,

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