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26 Responses to The Social Sharing Golden Rule: "And What Excites You About That?"

  1. jmacofearth says:

    Yeah, I try not to get too worked up about social media at all. But I would like to know WHY someone checked in, or WHAT the video link is about or how it applies.

  2. Danny Brown says:

    You know, the great thing about social media and the various networks is that they’re all opt-in. So like Doug below mentions, just ignore and move on if it’s not for you. It’s not for your benefit anyhoo, so probably not worth getting worked up about.

  3. jmacofearth says:

    Okay. I can see some of that. And my Tweetdeck is well armed to hunt for "I’m at" posts. And great job making it to the gym, and if checkins inspire you, GO FOR IT.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes- often, really-  the generic post IS interesting- to someone. Example: certain people "like" my gym checkins, so I keep doing it. Why do they like them? Perhaps to cheer me on, perhaps to remind themselves they should work out to. The potential positive effect on one person (even if that person is me) is enough to justify it. 

    There’s a ton of stuff out there I don’t care about. I filter it out in my mind and move on. That’s not to devalue your point of the more context the better- and I try to to follow that rule- but I have learned to step back and not deal in absolutes. Short version. Rules are basic and god, breaking them is advanced and sometimes great

  5. jmacofearth says:

    I think the rule is if you’re posting, tell us something that excites you about what you are posting. A generic RT or check-in adds little to the conversation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I always follow the social-sharing rule: "Someone cares about that post, so don’t get all worked up about context." If it’s not contextual for you, it still may be for someone else. Even a straight-up location checkin. 

    Use your filters, ignore and move on

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