Google’s Monopoly Needs To Be Shattered

Over 10 years ago, I enabled AdSense on this blog. The next weekend I traveled to Mexico because my brother had suffered a massive heart attack. While in Mexico, my ads began running, and I clicked on one or three. BAM!

Google Disabled My AdSense Account

Just a few weeks ago, I used Site Kit a Google plugin to request AdSense inclusion once again. And after only a few days, NO CLICKS FROM ME THIS TIME, my account was again deleted without explanation.

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The answer is and has been for over 10 years, forget about it. We will let you know. Don’t write. Don’t lobby. Don’t try and contact people you know at Google. We are Google AdSense and you don’t matter.

Essentially, if you’re not a BIG ASS account, Google could care less about helping you or listening to your evidence to support your truth. The TRUTH that Google has full access to, is that we’re all running Google Analytics. Even after years, and 8 or so appeals, Google never responded with anything more than a form letter. I gave them the stats, and the evidence, and asked for a review. NOTHING.

Has Google gotten too pervasive? Are we all over-connected to Google and Google’s services?


  • GMail
  • Google Search
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Drive
  • Google Domains

Well, we know Google is mining all of our searches, all of our emails, all of our online content to build a profile. It’s supposed to be anonymous, but it is not hard for the Facebooks and Apples of the world to reverse lookup your anonymous stats and determine exactly who you are, and more importantly, what brand of shoe you prefer, and how much you love tequila.

Nothing, not one shred of your digital data is safe from Google. In fact, we give Google permission to MINE OUR DATA every time we log in to Gmail. Every time we search on

I use plenty of spoofing and adblocking plugins, but Google has got my persona pretty well mapped anyway. If you’re not using Privacy Badger and some adblocker, you’re giving away even more of your online DNA.

I’m not sure exactly when the clock started ticking on my Google AdSense BAN, but I’m not holding my breath for another 10 years hoping to be reinstated.

GOOGLE HAS TURNED EVIL, I am sorry to say.

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