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I know it’s early in the month, but hey, every little bit helps. What power comes with seeing your inbox at ZERO?

Don’t take my word for it, hear what the fellas at 43folders have to say about it. Here is the Inbox ZERO series of posts from Merlin Mann that started it all March 13, 2006.

To streamline GTD into an email process, you must become an email ninja. Respond without hesitation. Do what you know is right. Be direct, be specific and be brief. Most of all, if you have a REQUEST, highlight it and make it clear when and what you are asking for.

Next plan, do all of your communications in 140 characters. If you can do short stories, project management and hyper-specific tweets, you can do the same with email.  Ninja trick #2, try and do it all from your mobile phone to avoid Outlook all together. This might be easier on a BlackBerry or a phone with a real keyboard, but hey… If you don’t open Outlook you won’t have to hassle through all it’s problems. And you will be very succinct I can tell you.

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