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Influencers, Hustlers, OnlyFans, and the Hot Hot Summer

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I know her heart is in the right place because I met her today playing tennis. Her self-appreciation is healthy. Her level of self-aggrandizement is a bit over the top. In the photo above, what exactly is this “influencer/health expert” selling us?

Spoiler Alert: Not her demographic.

Yes, I know this picture, and 99.9% of her content is not aimed at me. She says it right there on her multiple websites and social media accounts. She works with women. She’s amazing. And she’s selling a lot of her value with her sex appeal. That’s cool, right? Sex sells. It can sell healthier eating habits and better nutrition. Okay, and this woman, in particular, has a master’s in nutrition. She’s the real deal. And her target audience, is about the age of my daughter in college. I shared the Insta account, and my daughter said, “She’s really into herself. Probably just makes stuff up. Gets sponsored product and pushes that for awhile.”

My daughter was non-plussed.

What is the beautiful woman selling? It’s a conversation I have in my head at least once a week. There was a woman who was looking for “free participants” in her nutrition business. Um, wait, what? It was a private-label version of Balance of Nature. Vitamins. And, I’ll say it, SCAM.

There was the amazingly beautiful bodyworker who came across as confident and actualized. She was living in her facade, unable to process a single loving relationship, post-divorce. And yet, she was getting certified to be a life coach, for… You guessed it: Women. She was attractive and stunningly so, at first glance. Once I got to know her… I’ll leave the story there.

There was the woman who contacted me via Craigslist about a digital music interface I had for sale. “Cool,” I said, actually talking to her husband in his ratty pajamas at the money exchange, “What does she do, is she a musician or podcaster?”



And finally, a lovely female sexual-empowerment coach. A bit too fluid and free for my comprehension. She had multiple partners, she said, because she was young and didn’t yet know what she wanted. She enjoyed having multiple men, mostly older, lavishing affection, money, and expensive vacations, but she was unsure how to move forward in any romantic relationship. We talked about coaching together. Ultimately, she referred me to her OnlyFans page.

Okay, sex sex sex.

I understand. My male lizard brain is programmed to snap to attention when a woman of this potency enters my airspace. Today, there was zero pressure, zero flirt factor, just hitting tennis balls in a noon cardio class. Friendly and conversant, I was impressed by her “nutritionist” self-identification. When I found her Insta profile, I saw that her real bag is about eating well and staying thin (maybe not her level of thinness). Not making constriction or dieting a part of your health plan sounds like a good idea to most of us, right?

And what’s in it for her? Nothing. Unless I’m an unannounced billionaire, I’m just a guy, close to her dad’s age, who was also friendly and interesting.

Is there any relationship here? Do I reach out for advice? A free consultation? A 7-week package of 1 x 1 coaching for $2,500? Nope, just a solid “namasté” to her. She’s rockin her world and her body. I’m impressed. I’m titillated. And she’s my daughter’s age, so, not an object of desire for me. Oh, and did I mention, I am securely attached?

To many of the influencers pedaling their bodies, well, I hope you make a ton of money early or figure out a plan B for when you’re my age. (grin)

Keep it classy out there hustlers.

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