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In an ongoing effort to help folks Speed-the-Web and Get Webwork Done, I am starting a more focused section of uber.la called INFOSTREAM STRATEGIES.

INFOSTREAM STRATEGY #1: The iGoogle Dashboard – Getting Your RSS Under Control

INFOSTREAM STRATEGY #2: Tweetdeck – Putting a Dashboard Around Twitter

I intend for this page to be the connector for a series of posts where I explore various InfoStream Strategies for managing the information overload of the internet. I think Twitter has brought this issue to focus for many of us working in Social Media, because we want and need to be connected to what’s current and important. But it is hard to manage all the opportunities for disctraction and meandering. The web is a wonderful tool and the web is a MASSIVE TIME SUCK.

If you want to jump ahead several of the additional services I am working on are Friendfeed, Posterous, and NING (here’s my inSocialMedia Ning Profile). I hope you stay tuned. But most of all I hope you gain some insight that helps you get your work done so you can play. And if you feel like commenting, that would be lovely.


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I am leaving the FriendFeed Stream and orginal content of this page in tact.

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