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What the iPhone 5 Will Bring This Summer: A Surprise

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Don’t think the other phone manufacturers are trippin about the upcoming iPhone 5? Look at the ads on TV. A phone that allows you to take pictures "while" shooting video at the same time, set to a song about "i’m superman." SRSLY? Is that a feature that really gets you going? Or is it 3D anything? Or maybe Windows 8/METRO?

Here’s what’s exciting about phones: ________!

Why, because no one has the scoop on what’s next. And get this, Apple’s iPhone 4 design is now over two years old. TWO YEARS in phones or *any* technology product design is a fantastic run. And here’s why Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 release release is going to be huge, from what we know: it won’t be about the form factor, although this could be the thing that drives even more sell-out sales numbers for Apple and ever carrier that is lucky enough to be on the iPhone bandwagon.

What’s going to be huge about the iPhone 5 is *we have no frickin clue yet.* And that scares the pants off the execs at Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and HTC. They have no idea what’s about to be popped out on the phone landscape that they will have to scramble through the rest of the summer to try and replicate.

Let’s look at Apple’s last phone revolution, something I could care less about, but that seems to have grabbed everyone’s imagination yet again: SIRI. What Siri did was bring a better execution of voice control than any previous manufacturer. Read that again: Better Than Any Other Manufacturer. Got it? So while Android and HTC and all the others struggle to replicate Siri’s simplicity, Apple is deep in the labs coming up with truly *next gen* technologies.

These are not new ideas for Apple, these have been on the books, on the Steve Jobs roadmap for years. If you doubt Apple’s ability to astound the market for at least another 3 years, you don’t understand corporate/technology roadmaps. They’re drawing the iPhone 6 and 7 at Apple, and the features they are dreaming up are dependent on technologies and software that doesn’t exist yet. And the other amazing thing about Apple, the secrecy and loyalty keeps these roadmaps and secrets out of Nokia/HTC/Moto roadmaps until AFTER APPLE HAS RELEASED THEM.

Check the iPad. Do you think any manufacturer has caught up to the iPad 1? Okay, how about the iPad 2? We don’t need to go beyond that, because the capabilities of the "new" iPad with HD have not even been partially exploited by the apps and technologies that will keep Apple two generations ahead of the tablet market.

Do you think there are other phones worth considering at this moment? If you answered yes, you probably has a *bias* against Apple. And that’s okay, I understand. I remember how much I hated Microsoft. I get it.

Only problem is, for me, Microsoft won, and I HAVE TO USE WORD/PPT/EXCEL. Well, you can go off on your own tangent and play with Android and Windows 8 (metro) and all I can say is, "Have fun." I was a Blackberry hold out. And when I was ready to leap I consciously went to Android, thinking, "I really DO need to know about this "other" platform." I got my iPad on the first day they were available. And if you love tweaking and playing with your software, Android might be *fun* for you. On your PHONE, I didn’t think it was funny when I couldn’t answer the phone because the OS was doing something else. EVER! My Android experiment lasted 3 weeks.

So if you are excited by some of the upcoming non-Apple phones with features you can’t live without, power to you. Personally, I’m not that into phones. I wanted my phone to work. My BB had run it’s course and the company I had joined only supported Android or iPhone. I did Android. I’ll never make that mistake again. I’m not a phone guy. I’m not a phone blogger. I don’t even really like phones very much… BUT.

The iPhone ended all of my discussions about phones. Why talk about anything other than the iPhone. And I didn’t really want to talk about that too much either. "What’s the new cool app?" maybe, but "Hey have you seen the X23?" not so much.

BOTTOMLINE: I can’t tell you much about what the iPhone 5 will look like. I can’t tell you anything about how it’s going to "Think Different." What I can tell you is, "It’s going to be different in a way that surprises us all. And the biggest surprise is going to be on the other manufacturers and the workload ahead. Question: "How is that Android version of Siri coming? I can’t remember the cute name?"

And finally, how can Apple say nothing about the iPhone 5 and have so many designers and writers imagining what the near future is going to bring? That’s Apple. And if you have some free capital, I’d suggest AAPL rather than Zuckerberg’s boondoggle.

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