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Asking Steve Jobs to be in our mastermind group a few months ago was only the first step.

The little steve jobs has been known to hangout on Google+ and is rumored to have a Twitter account.


The Steve Jobs bio pick from Funny or Die is here: #iSteve


My Review of the BIO: Steve Jobs as Seen by Isaacson: And a Couple of Problems with the Bestselling Steve Jobs Bio


Excerpt from an interview with Walter Isaacson, the Jobs Authorized biographer.

Do you want to share one last thing about Mr. Jobs?

The main thing is this: his petulance was not just some isolated thing. It was part of his passion for perfection. I think he truly knew that by being demanding, he was being inspiring. He created incredibly loyal teams. He convinced people that they could do the impossible. They would walk through walls for him. As a result, Apple continually made great products. Everything he did was a resolution between the misfit and the businessman, the romantic and the rational. These ended up tying together in every case. The two sides, and the fact that he is able to join them, made an amazing product: Steve Jobs. — NYTimes One on One with Walter Isaacson.

Lego Version of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs at the whiteboard, brainstorming about NeXT Computers after their first 90-days in business. (VIDEO) Great passion and focus. A wonderful objection by a team member who challenges the “reality distortion field.” He keeps interrupting her, not wanting to respond to her question.

* watch it directly on YouTube.


A month before being drafted back to Apple, Steve Jobs was interviewed on Wall Street Week

* watch it directly on YouTube


“Everything around you called life, was made up by people no smarter than you.”

watch directly on YouTube.


The Original Macintosh introduction January 1984. “Insanely Great”

*watch directly on YouTube


The arrogance of Steve Jobs’ Macintosh BIG BROTHER/1984 AD is so clear, here in his keynote shortly before the launch of the mac. What is also clear, is this is his shining moment! Inspiring like no one else.

*watch directly on YouTube


Nice Adweek cover – trifold

Tribute to Steve Jobs from Adweek

Hypercritical podcast on the Job’s Isaacson Bio by John Saracusa: The Wrong Guy and the follow up The Scorpion and the Frog.


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John Lennon drawing has been moved to it’s own post: John Lennon  Thanks for your patience and love. Happy Thanksgiving 2011, y’all.


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