King Google Strikes Again: Problems with Google AdSense

I was well on my way to making a fortune on my website traffic, when Google shutdown the party for undisclosed click violations. Their initial email says, “There is no appeal. And we can’t show you how you violated our policies. Your account is disabled for 30 days. It will be turned back on. Don’t even try and contact us about it. Nothing will happen. Oh, yeah, and DO NO EVIL.”

click to view the AdSense suspension policy.


About TEN YEARS AGO this happened to me, several days after I enabled AdSense. I was in Mexico at the time the ads went live, and because I didn’t know any better, I clicked on a few of the ads. Testing, they call it. BOOM.

Lights Out from Google’s AdSense.

No number of appeals. Facts using Google Analytics. And the offending amount owed $2,10.

I never got AdSense turned back on. For the last ten years any attempt to monetize my site traffic was disapproved. I’ll got find and repost the Google Is King series, shortly. Stay tuned as I try and navigate Google’s 30 day suspension and reinstatement.

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