Lifehack Quickie: Off-time Strategies


I live in a busy city, Austin, Texas. Too many cars, too many trucks, too few roads and parking spaces. And in this morass today I hit upon the simplest of lifehack strategies.

  1. Get up way early and go to breakfast before most people are out of bed.
  2. Have lunch at 11 am – there will be zero crowds
  3. Stay at home during all rush hours of the day

Get up early. This should be your superpower. You can get more accomplished before anyone else wakes up. No phone calls, no pesky emails or text messages. When I have a big project I really like the morning of to crank things out. Not to procrastinate, because that’s a different issue altogether.

Eat lunch early. Since you’re up early and have an early breakfast, you can have an early lunch. You know the routine. “Let’s have lunch.” Your friend responds, “Okay, early 11:45 or late at 1:15?” Beat the heat and have your lunch at 11 am. There will be no one there. Your meal will come in minutes. And you’ll be out of the restaurant before the lines of cars appear hunting for parking spaces.

Stay at home. Morning rush, lunch rush, and evening rush. Better yet, don’t go out at all. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your house. Skype in all your meetings. Get a ton of stuff done.

Make better use of your time. You’re welcome.

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