When LinkedIn started offering publishing on their platform, I didn’t really get it. I suppose for people that don’t blog, the LinkedIn publishing tool is great. They don’t have to commit to a blog, but can get their ideas and content out there. Well, if you have a blog, and are publishing regularly, why would you publish your posts on LinkedIn?

1. To gain reach

2. To get more "followers" on LinkedIn

3. For referral traffic to your blog

I was really going for #3 when I started publishing some "best of" posts off my social/digital marketing blog. And here are the results, as far as I can track them.

From 15 posts on LinkedIn here are my stats.


So in general my standard sharing posts did better at driving referrals to Uber.la. But I did garner 2,392 additional reads and my follower count is up to 1,152. I’m not sure the value of this following or additional readers, if they don’t ultimately end up on my actual blog.

I am using the LinkedIn platform to resurrect some of my older "hit" posts. And this is one great use of the platform. Some of my best writing may not be discovered on my blog, but I can bring a few choice posts up for air again. And I do like the way LinkedIn shows my latest posts at the top of my profile. For that reason alone, I think I will continue to build my on-LinkedIn brand with more posts on their platform. But make sure your LinkedIn posts are on-brand, or they might dilute your profile.


And for one more piece of content to share to my network, LinkedIn is a good choice. I’d rather get a post syndicated on The Huffington Post, but your LinkedIn publications can serve the same purpose. LinkedIn gives you more content to socialize and builds your brand on the site. And if you don’t have a blog, perhaps LinkedIn is a great place to get started.

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