Middle Class Americans and Our Stuff

so much stuff we can't park our cars in the garage

George Carlin got us right. We get a house and fill it with stuff. Then we get storage units so we can get more stuff. What are we doing with all this stuff?

How is it, that my young neighbors have completely redone their house, painted it shocking white, and now have both of their cars parked in the driveway outside a large two-car garage? They even have an extra shed and a covered space (right of image) on a different side of their property. And they’ve still got so much stuff that they can’t part either car in the garage?

Why do we need so much stuff? Admittedly, at the moment, I can only fit one car, my car, in the garage. When my GF comes to visit she has to park in the driveway.

And it’s this way all over my neighborhood. Big houses, two cars in the driveway. I’m so curious what the heck is in all these garages? Don’t they know about Goodwill? Me? Oh, it’s really just empty boxes that need to be broken down and recycled. But I’m a one-car family. And my car is in the garage. Especially, when Texas is running 45 days straight with over 100-degree temperatures. So, why doesn’t my neighbor clean out the garage enough, and move some stuff to the storage unit? And put the cars in the shade, in the garage.

Again, it’s an American thing. If the garage was not converted into another bedroom, it’s invariably filled with stuff. Lots of stuff.

I don’t know, I think going with less actually makes life a little easier. And not getting in a boiling hot car, ever, is part of my condition of satisfaction. I guess my neighbors value stuff over comfort. Or, maybe they don’t ever have to drive anywhere. No, that’s not it.



I guess they’ve just got a fk ton of stuff.

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