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3 Responses to Sorry, Nobody Reads Your Blog: Get Over It and Get On With It!

  1. Sure, your next big client doesn’t read your blog. Then who does? And is it ok if the two are separate (Yes..) but then how do you marry the two, or do you not try to do that at all?

  2. stella says:


    post! I enjoyed reading it in a descriptive way. I also agree that,

    The trick is getting permission to use the data for targeting

    purposes. Very well said. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post.


  3. samuraiwriter says:

    Nobody’s reading my G+ page 😉 Write on…

    I found your post from LinkedIn. And yes, I don’t need anything from you right now. But I do appreciate the message and respect the time and effort you put into writing it. And so I’ll share it with my connections, and follow your tweets. Best Regards.

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