Resetting Priorities: "You have no events scheduled today."

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Screen Shot 2012 04 23 at 7.07.54 AM Resetting Priorities: You have no events scheduled today.

At some points in my working life, the above status [you have no events scheduled today] would be terrifying. And then there were the times I was working full-time in the cube farm, I could careless what Google Calendar said, because the corporate Outlook calendar ran my day.

Today my response is WOOHOO!

What’s important in your schedule? Are you spending enough time on the tasks that will move your further TOWARDS your evil plan(tm) or are you constantly moving AWAY from your bigger goals?

Today’s objectives:

  • generate kick ass content
  • generate content for the evil plan(tm)
  • do one more pass at the book before sending to editor
  • map out the schedule for the rest of the week

Today’s intangibles (very little to do with moving things forward):

  • take a walk
  • write a song or a poem
  • give someone kudos

It’s a small thing. But when your schedule opens up, even for one day, you can decide where to focus your energy. And you might be tempted to sleep in, take a nap, or go shopping… But my suggestion is that the "no events scheduled today" is just the time to get even MORE ACTIVE on your priorities. And also to RELAX and LET GO.

It’s a balancing act everyday. To focus on what pays the bills vs what floats your boat. If you are able to combine the two into your working/playing life, you may have achieved a very rare state of living indeed. Congratulations.

For the rest of us, the focus is the thing. [Because American Idol is like the lottery, actually your much more likely to win the lottery than American Idol.] You have to return to your big goal over and over. And when you get distracted or lost in the noise of overwork, stress, and overwhelm, you have to find a way to pull yourself back into focus.

Are you moving TOWARDS or AWAY from your big dream?

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