Before Freud, before Covert, before anyone you’ve ever heard of there was the iChing, the oriental book of changes. I don’t throw the hexagrams a lot, but in a occasional moment of seeking I will turn to the iChing to help me reflect on some moment in my life, some pause before the next great action in my life. (Feel free to skip this one if it’s a bit woo woo.)

I threw the 64th and final hexagram.

The idea here is that you are done, you have reached completion, hence the final hexagram in the system. And in this moment, the acknowledgment that the work is not done. Even in final completion, there is a new beginning.

What I took from this hexagram, at this moment in my life, was to examine all the things that are not quite right and work on those. As there are so many things in my life that are perfect, how can I examine the flaws, look at what still pains me, and crack open the solution for issues I no longer want to look at. We are done, and yet we are ready to begin anew.

In my life, I have reached a happy place. I am engaged to be married in six months. My kids are both doing well in life and in school. My writing is continuing with gusto and pace. And even though the next job is eluding me, and the next book deal is still out of reach, those are eventualities that I know are in progres. In some ways, even in this incomplete state I am complete.

But what can I take to task now, even when things seem so good?

Can you take a step back from the struggle and strife in your life and assess where things are still out of balance? I’ve taken the opportunity to reach out to a couple people and reestablish our relationship. I’ve taken strides toward enriching the relationship with my ex-wife. I’m encouraging my kids to find out what makes them happy and asking me how I can facilitate their growth in that direction. I’m asking the questions of the hard stuff in my life and seeing what energy I can put towards the constructive solution.

As a simple process, the iChing always gives me a fresh way to look at my moment in life. With this objective "reading" I can extrapolate action and intentions for my future behaviors. I’m doing just that. And with this insight I can best determine the next right action for me.

John McElhenney

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