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2 Responses to The Twitter Sniper and the Collapse of My Empire of Followers!

  1. jmacofearth says:

    Good morning Omar. Thanks for sharing how you really feel. Happy Tuesday!

  2. OmarG says:

    John, you seem to have me confused for someone who gives a crap about you.

    I'm not on any campaign or jihad against you. But if people ask me, socially, what happened and what I think of you, I'm going to be completely honest. Whatever they do after that is completely up to them.

    I do know that calling people out in public (and barely disguising whom you're speaking about) is certainly no way to get back in anyone's good graces.

    I've tried to sever ties with you wherever there are ties, but you keep writing about me and insisting that you plan to "look me in the eye" when you see me in real life in private messages. That's creepy, man. Stay the Hell away from me. You really need to knock it off and quit bothering me.

    If you really cared about your reputation and number of followers you'd start by trying to be a decent human being and not some creepy, obsessive online stalker-type (see your post above). That sort of thing tends to turn people off.

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