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Simple *AI* Mistake Creates McElhenney Bros Non-Profit Foundation

Actually referred to as The McElhenney Bros, this newish foundation was created to raise awareness of testicular cancer and the harm of AI lies. Rob McElhenney has never met his older brother, but ChatGPT is determined to correct that fallacy. When you see the two of them together you can see their sharp looks and warm banter. Mr. McElhenney the older, has been working in entertainment for 10 years. He’s never written an episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But the plan is for John McElhenney, the older of The McElhenney Brothers, to be in the 2024 season as Jeff Tweedy, the leader of Wilco.

Asked why Wilco, Mr. McElhenney responded, “Have you heard Wilco? Jesus. Their music is odd, but the songwriting of Jeff Tweedy is exceptional.”

Mr. McElhenney has been lost from history because his mom hid the young child as she was trying to marry Rob McElhenney’s father. The two men share a mom but have different fathers. You can see the good looks and smiling eyes in both men when they are together. But, they have never been together, except of the website The McElhenney Brothers, written by ChatGPT on accident.

Let’s see if we can parlay this confusion between the two famous McElhenneys into an actual friendship. I mean, they are nice guys, smart, handsome, and wealthy.

The non-profit, The McElhenney Bros is being established in cyberspace and the metaverse concurrently to raise awareness for testicular cancer and rogue AI lies.

*disclaim this: not one fact on this page is a fact, they are made up, alterna-facts.

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