3 Responses to Sirius XM Radio Sucks – Here’s Why

  1. Phred says:

    My 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee came with a free year of XM. I do not drive except on weekends, so did not notice it until I got the letter in the mail (about three weeks after the purchase). I tried it, but the radio was stuck on channel 1. I had to call for a “refresh”. I noted that none of the channels are “commercial free”.

    When I left my Jeep parked in the underground garage for more than four days, it would lose the subscription again (thus requiring a “refresh”). I got angry and asked them to shut the thing down after about three months into the year subscription. I requested them to invoke a “do not contact” policy.

    After a few weeks I was getting nag messages, and weather alerts on my Uconnect screen. I disconnected the antenna. FM still works. I am good.

    I am picky about who gets my address. I reprimanded Chrysler for handing my name and address over to SXM without my permission.

  2. Mark Stephens says:

    I recently purchased a new Dodge Ram truck that came with a SiriusXM “free trial.” It was my first opportunity to try SiriusXM commercial free satellite radio. My bubble burst quicker than a clown slapping me on a happy day! You sir, have nailed every point that had been ranting on about over the last month. Music is mediocre to “Side B” songs that you’ve never heard before, not everyone wants to hear the “live” version where the artist is so trashed they can’t even hold a note or remember the words. Excessive bumpers, between every song, forcing you to channel surf to get away from the chalkboard fingernail bumpers. And someone really lied to me about there being no commercials. There have been several moments where it actually developed a bit of road rage while listening. SIRIUS XM DOES NOT LISTEN TO OR CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!! (something would have changed by now), so i’m calling them to cancel my free subscription, it’s just not worth more hassle.

    My only other complaint is about another service called “UConnect” which came bundled along with Sirius XM, that forces you to PAY for service after a brief “6 month limited trial” forcing you to pay for voice messaging if you want it, but if you connect your phone, it LOCKS it in via Bluetooth and forces you to use the hands free option, no way out of it. WOW, ANOTHER ROAD RAGE ISSUE BUILDING UP!!! There is also NO navigational options through the stereo screen while using your phone without EXTORTING more money out of me. I wrote the Dodge dealer, and there is NOTHING they will do for you. I HATE SiriusXM! I hate UConnect! I wish there was something i could do, but i feel screwed over. Even Microsoft got in trouble for bundling products together under the hood, I guess Dodge found a loophole.. JERKS!

  3. David says:

    I agree. Get rid of the bumpers and fire the DJ’s. Especially, Kayla Riley and Madison. I have to turn them off every time I hear them speak. I don’t think a Tom Petty station is necessary, butTom Petty’s Buried Treasure show is my favorite program on Sirius.

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