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Social Media Marketing Might Not Be Your Winning Strategy

I’ve got a website that averages around 3oo visitors a day.

what drives your traffic

And I socialize my writing about 30 times a day. Using Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And with today’s diminished reach on all of those platforms, I’m getting only a 5.3% return on all of the time I spend on social media. Should I give up that time and focus more on SEO or writing better content?

What I understand is this: without some killer SEO-rich content my site would be dead.

I lucked out with a post that went viral a number of years ago. This ONE POST generates about 50% of that Organic Search traffic in yellow. So 32% of my traffic is coming from one lucky and well-placed article. And everything else I do, does contribute to my audience, but not as much as I would have hoped.

Do you know what’s driving visitors to your site? Are you serving them the content they are looking for when they arrive?

And What About Mobile?

The shift has been dramatic to mobile. Just a few years ago the mix was about 50/50. Today, if your site is not mobile-optimized you’re going to be turning away a lot of your potential audience. Know the limitations of mobile design. Know how to tease a reader into connecting on “just one more article.”

My biggest challenge is figuring out how to engage with my NEW incoming visitors. The one-and-done crowd surf in on their phones, read a bit, and jump. What more can I do to entice them? How to I keep the design simple and engaging at the same time?

New visitor traffic

A huge portion of my traffic are first-time visitors on mobile phones. The read a bit, jump off, and most-likely will never return. Can I get better at engaging them? Can I get better at enticing and keeping my 6.6% of returning readers? How about an email newsletter, or subscribe to this website. Remember RSS feeds? Those are all but dead.

How do we continue to improve our marketing and reach? It’s probably not upping our social media game. The greatest gains are going to come from first time visitor engagement and finding ways to keep my repeat readers coming back.

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