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UBER.SWOT(tm) Review Form


The limited offer for the FREE UBER.SWOT(tm) review.

Screen Shot 2012 01 25 at 10.34.06 AM UBER.SWOT(tm) Review Form

(Did you know the analysis is FREE? What’s stoping you? Spam? We promise not to email you anything but your results. We will ask for an opt-in, but you won’t be added to any lists. What have you got to loose?)

Give us a few data points about your business online and we will work our hardest to get you a useful mini-report in less than 24-hours. But remember we will be building this by hand. If you want an auto-generated one, there are a lot of them on the web. This form entitles you to 1 UBER.SWOT(tm) analysis per business. Please add competitor information and any other items you would like us to consider in preparing your custom UBER.SWOT(tm) analysis.

This report is yours to use in building your own online marketing plan and strategy. There is no obligation for requesting this service from uber.la. We are here to help if you would like us to help you build a winning plan, and we’ve got a partner (Social Factor) who can help with your low-cost execution, when your are ready to create an impact in your business using social media. It’s all we do.

If you decide you want to discuss your project with us, the first 30 minutes is always free. (There is no obligation for this service.) Still not convinced, request a sample report.

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