Examining Alpha Brain from Onnit: “Clinically studied” Means What?

Dear Onnit, I would like you to actually do the study on Alpha Brain you share with us on your website. Your 17-person proof of concept is not a real study. And you are kind of lying in the marketing of your most successful product.

Power Coffee: What Are You Drinking? (Better than Bulletproof)

Well, I started out with trying the Bulletproof Coffee, but I got lost at the starting gate. I liked the idea of not blowing up my blood sugar and energy with my first two cups of coffee, but I didn’t think the idea of meal replacement via butter and coconut oil was such a great […]

New Fitness Lifestyle Section Coming to Uber.la

We’re growing and changing. Today we agreed to merge the fitbytech content here on Uber.la with a new section called Fit Lifestyle. We’ll be covering the best ideas on nutrition, fitness, and all the components of a healthy lifestyle. You can still find everything on¬†fitbytech¬†today, but that blog will soon point here. So go ahead, […]