A Psychology/Plan That’s Thousands of Years Old

Before Freud, before Covert, before anyone you’ve ever heard of there was the iChing, the oriental book of changes. I don’t throw the hexagrams a lot, but in a occasional moment of seeking I will turn to the iChing to help me reflect on some moment in my life, some pause before the next great […]

Top 10 Health and Fitness Ideas (Monsoons and Milestones)

It’s been raining here in Texas for a while now. The windfall of water has taken it’s toll on my workout schedule a bit, but mainly in keeping me off the tennis courts. Have you tried any superfoods as part of your health and fitness quest? What about Maca powder? Or coconut oil? Or omega-3 […]

Agile Leadership in the Real World & For Personal Use

Agile used to be a buzzword. Either you were IN or you were OUT when it came to understanding the “agile” model. Today, agile is still alive and well, and driving some of the most innovative development teams in the world. Of course, there’s probably an agile 2.0 model that we don’t even know about yet, but looking at a few of the agile processes can help us in any aspect of team leadership, project management, and even self-leadership.