Moore’s Law and Apple’s MacBook Pro Problem – 2018 MacBook Redesign

Update, Moore’s Law, April 2018. Here’s my 2012 MacBook Pro stats. I’ve got a 500 mb solid state drive (SSD). And the real miss, so far, is the processor that has not done much but nudge up the speed in the last SIX YEARS. And the touchbar is a meh design feature, and I hear […]

New MacBook Pros with Touch Bar Are Set to Break the Bank

I was/am excited by the new MacBook Pros. And while Touch Bar is a compelling innovation, it doesn’t really make the case for spending 40% more for a machine that does 5% more, performance-wise. Let’s run through the specs for a 15″ MBP that compares with mine. Here’s what I’ve got, a four-year old 15″ […]

Apple’s Stock is Falling, But Don’t Worry

Yes, the iPhone growth has plateaued. And Apple’s stock is falling. But here’s a little note about why you shouldn’t be panicking. The iPhone growth rates were stupidly high – since the release of the iPhone it has broken all sales records The iPhone 7 is faster, but doesn’t really offer a new “must have” […]