Examining Alpha Brain from Onnit: “Clinically studied” Means What?

Dear Onnit, I would like you to actually do the study on Alpha Brain you share with us on your website. Your 17-person proof of concept is not a real study. And you are kind of lying in the marketing of your most successful product.

Loving the Body: Size, Weight, Color, Age, Fitness, Happiness

As I am evaluating and learning to love my 50-year-old body, I am also aware of the 50-year-old women’s bodies in my range of sight. I have not had much time to look at them. I have experience with really only one such body, over the years. I loved all the changes in my then-wife’s body. I was into my older woman.

Biohacks and BioPacks: What’s Your Health Stack?

And there are even proactive things we can do to improve our quality of life now and help ourselves down the road as well. (activities: yoga, pilates, exercise, meditation; fuel: better water, better produce, less meat; technologies: biofeedback devices, exercise tools, grounding systems, and micro-impact products)

Biohacking Your Health for Longevity and Optimal Performance (@PaleoFX – day one)

#biohacking (the idea of using supplements, electronics, mindfulness, and technology to hack our lives into better, optimal, humans. Are you hacking as hard as you can? Are there hacks that hurt? Would you hack with something that gives you great results for the next ten years, but kills you ten years quicker?

An Animal Hunger

Today I noticed an interesting feeling. I was depositing a check at the bank, the same bank I was at last Saturday when my life was falling apart. And there was the same Yoghurt shop and the same temptation. But I had a different reaction today. I was finished with my deposit and as I […]

Starting with the Body I Have

It’s easy for me to see the last area of mastery in my life is diet and fitness. The two are inextricably tied together. I have had various levels of fitness in my life. From my ultrafit moment as a teenage swimmer in high school. To my obese periods, usually marked by a hard depression. […]

Excuses, Temptations, and Laziness Along the Path to Wellness

Little Victories: What You Eat I passed through the gauntlet of Halloween and all its sugary horrors to some complacency on my part. While the basket of candy in the front room did tempt me with shiny wrappers and promise of good feelings, I was able to turn that craving off with my determination. The […]

Dialing In the Perfect Snack

What’s the key to getting over your snacking requirements and cravings? I’ve been in search of the perfect snack, lately. Something that wouldn’t include any added sugar but might have natural sugar in it. (An apple, for example. But NOT peanut butter. Ick!) So far I have a few¬†snacks. Organic almonds with sea salt or […]

Fitness First Milestone and a Remarkable Result

I knew I was winning the early war, when I started and my weight was 149.6. That was HIGH. I’m not sure how I got there, but I figured the first week would show some pretty quick readjustments back down. But I had no idea that I would drop 7 pounds. Wow. It’s about not […]

Never Stop, Never Give Up! Getting Fit with a Friend!

It’s no accident that I’ve been silent here on my “fitness” blog. (Last post, Jan 7, 2015) It’s been a busy and rough few months since January. I’ve got a lot to share. I’ll start with my two biggest WINS and catch up on the other stuff in future posts. WIN NUMERO UNO! A training […]