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How Can a Social Media Strategist Help Your Business? How is Your Social Plan Evolving? (VIDEO)

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A tweet from Brian Solis the other day referenced a Jeremiah Owyang presentation on the Role of the Social Media Strategist going way. In this 90-second video I look several reports from Altimeter Group on how the role of the social media strategist will evolve. How can a strategist address today’s challenges and keep your business focused on results rather than reaction.

View directly on YouTube.

The strategist’s goal is to keep your social media engagement plans current and effective. By allowing a member of your team to focus extensively on social media you are more likely to experience the potential success and avoid the overload and reactive nature of social marketing.

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Link to the mobile version of my Visual Resume

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Just Click It Links for Monday 5-17-10: Microsoft IE, Facebook Privacy, Apple iPad

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Mayors of Starbucks Now Get Discounts Nationwide with Foursquare

It had to happen. Foursquare is tying into Foursquare promotions. I saw this coming, but now I might have to join the movement… Nah… I’ll check in on my own, thanks very much.

Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings With ReclaimPrivacy

Fighting privacy battles with Facebook, is like trying to protect your online data from Google. All I can say is, "Good luck." The rest of my advice is, "Be informed, and turn the shit off if you are worried about it. And if it *really* freaks you out, just quit using Facebook. And then get over it." But all my rants aside, there are some issues with Facebook’s rampant use of your images, your "likes" and other information that they want to use and sell to third party vendors. I’d say these are worth opting out of.

How Facebook’s ‘Community Pages’ and Privacy Changes Impact Brands by Jeremiah Owyang

When JO speaks you need to listen. One of the smartest guys in social media and business metrics. Here’s the nut:

Facebook has launched  several new policies and features since the F8 Conference ‘Crusade of Colonization’ which has resulted in a large backlash from media around user privacy.  It’s not clear if beyond the vocal media if users will leave the site in droves.  Perhaps more importantly,  Facebook launched “Facebook Community Pages” (read the official post) a feature that aggregates content from wikipedia and Facebook wall posts.  Think of it as a cross between Wikipedia with user comments –sometimes unwittingly.  These changes cause confusion for users, diminishing control for brands, and strains on the already torrid relationship between Facebook and brands.

What if FDR’s Ideas Ran the C-Suite and Your Social Media?

I can’t help to think his words and wisdom might serve us all now as we look for leaders — not dreamers — to change the world and get growing again.

Federated Media goes all Facebook for this Monday’s SIGNAL.

Microsoft Needs to Stop Trash-talking IE6 and Just Trash It

Microsoft Australia has launched an online campaign to try to persuade people to stop using Internet Explorer 6. The campaign likens the browser to a carton of milk: you wouldn’t drink nine-year old milk, so why would you use a browser of a similar vintage?

The iPad: Beautiful product demos, rich presentations & seamless syncing between HQ and travel

We’re not waiting. As soon as the iPad was unveiled, my team saw its potential and ordered a few. For $31 worth of apps, total, we’ve turned the device into a powerful way to show off our products and keep our travelers in sync with each other and our Austin HQ. Our Sales Directors, Client Success Directors and Market Developers attend around 30 total events per quarter, from the Bay Area to London and beyond. When they bring along fully-equipped iPads to each conference, show, meeting and client dinner, they’re bringing with them a way to enrich each interaction.

How To Get Verified on Twitter

Twitter verifies a limited number of accounts. There’s no guarantee that your verification request will be processed by Twitter. I know of several celebrities whose verification request was turned down by Twitter. Therefore, Twitter advises users to apply for a verified account only if they are under the threat of impersonation account.

And if you can’t get Verified, you can go to an earlier post of mine

So If I Can’t Get Twitter-Verified, I’ll Just Create An Elite Club Of My Own



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