So have you read the young man’s piece on social media that’s burning up the net?

Andrew Watts wrote a salient and insightful piece on his use, and his peer group’s use of social media.

A Teenager’s View on Social Media – Andrew Watts (@thatswattsup)

It’s a good read, and led me to install SnapChat and YikYak on my phone to check out what the kids are doing. (Specifically what my 12-year-old daughter was doing. She and her peer group love SnapChat.) Nothing earth shattering, but Andrew does a fine job, as a 19-year-old, who’s now in college, pointing out some of the ways he and his group approach Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

So then Andrew’s post blows up. I’m sure I’ve seen it shared more than 20 times. And that kind of exposure will certainly bring out the sharks. And one of those responders was the very talented Danah Boyd, who wrote a piece that wraps several complements into a take down piece on the limited, white centric and privileged, perspective of Mr. Watts. Um, but that’s the point. This is a white kid, presumably with a white peer group, now going to college. What other perspective is he supposed to write from?

An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View on Social Media – Danah Boyd (@zephoria)

Well, I wrote my own response to Ms. Boyd.

Here you go. Since the orginal was on Medium, I kept my response on Medium as well. Here’s the link.

An Elite White Geezer Adds More Whitewashing – John McElhenney

Let me know what you think on any of these.

John McElhenney

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)


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image: social media venn diagram, creative commons usage


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