The Evil Google Does: Your Account Has Been Disabled “There is no appeal”

How Google AdSense is not your friend.

Here’s the image on the front of Google’s AdSense page.

google adsense - the lie

Google is all about helping you, content creators, make money on your hard work. There’s only one problem.

you may not appeal

Over 10 years ago, my Google AdSense account was disabled for suspicious clicks. It took just 48 hours for them to kill my account. None of my appeals resulted in any conversations, just a form letter, telling me future appeals would be rejected.

“Account suspensions are unappealable.”

And they mean it.

Jumping to 2023, and my account, was again disabled. After about 3 days. And the process is a bit of a mystery. They can’t tell you how they know you did something wrong. They can’t tell you exactly what you did wrong. And even if your website is running Google Analytics (so they have access to 100% of your data) there is NO APPEAL.

And now, I just wait until they turn my account back on? Will they notify me that my account can be reset? And how can I determine why you disabled my account this time? You can’t.

So, King Google has 100% access. And they say you did something wrong. But they won’t tell you what you did. They won’t tell you how they know you did it. And if you’ve got a problem with them, that’s not their problem.

Google NonSense. I’m not so sure the Don’t Be Evil motto is still being honored.

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