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It’s been a wild year. If you are a reader, I’m glad you’ve ridden through it with me. If you are new to uber.la (approximately 83% of you) let me take this opportunity to say "hello" and "thanks for stopping by."

My Objective: Uber.la is for marketers and business owners alike. If you are a DIY type of person there is a lot of information here for free that will get you up and running with Online Marketing. I try to keep a sense of humor about the whole techie thing, while providing my real-world experience and perspective. Let me know how I can make it better, and give me a shout if you need help. — JMac

Top Social Media Marketing Posts – 2012

Working Nights and Weekends: Social Media, It’s a Trap!

While much of the strategy for this client is written during business hours, a good portion of the work happens in the evening and on the weekends when the real Facebook traffic picks up. See, unlike us social media mavens, most people don’t surf Facebook or Twitter during normal office hours. I mean, why would they? It is going to help you get your work done? [READ IT]

Words vs. Design: What is Content, What Is Information Architecture?

"You know it’s all blending together again," I said. "Taxonomy, design, blog templates and css. Information architecture is a great title if you have enough work to keep billing at a high rate, but most highly-evolved designers have some IA in them. And today, if you don’t think about SEO and taxonomy, you really shouldn’t be in this business."  [READ IT]

How to Get Useful Business Information Out of Twitter: Hashtags for Social Media Research

If you’ve been using Twitter for a while you understand the concept of hashtags. As someone explained to me, "It’s like a focus point. It tags the post specifically to a topic of interest. [READ IT]

Antibodies and Positrons: Learning Project Management & Leadership by Consensus

At Dell we referred to this nay sayers as ANTIBODIES. As a project lead you found ways around them. And if you were efficient and fortunate at the same time, these antibodies would either stop coming to your meetings or at least stop impeding your progress. Because within any organization it is often the momentum that carries a project forward. [READ IT]

Pinterest and the Power of Social Bookmarking: Tag Yourself (Web Design is Dead)

We no longer browse websites, travelling down some architected sitemap and taxonomy towards the goal. NOPE. Google is our index, and search is our rapid retrieval and navigation system. Except Google isn’t all that good at remembering or organizing our stuff. [READ IT]

Social Creative Content: Simplifying My Passion For Social Media Marketing

Social media is a beast. And it is a goldmine. And as I’ve been working up some new social media strategy plans for various clients I am often amazed by the number of skills and experience required build and manage a successful engagement. [READ IT]

Expert Not Found – Social Media is About Being a "Student" not a "Guru"

Don’t be an "expert." Be a "student." Even someone with a black belt in martial arts needs a master. Keep the beginner’s mind in everything you do. [READ IT]

Sorry, Nobody Reads Your Blog: Get Over It and Get On With It!

I’ve been blogging my ass off for over three years and what do I have to show for it? Well, I’ve got some traffic. I’ve got some followers. I’ve got some authority, KLOUT, PeerIndex love. But what do I have, really? [READ IT]

Last Minute Push of 2012 Produces a Flurry of Good Stuff:

Top Posts of 2012 (by traffic)

Twitter Jail: What is it? What are the rules? How do I break out? 3,302
Pinterest and the Power of Social Bookmarking: Tag Yourself (Web Design is Dead) 1,497
Writing a Plan for Your Future – A Career Path Template fr Boxes & Arrows 1,319
Web Traffic Tracking Alternatives to Google Analytics (JetPack, Gaug.es, ChartBeat, Woopra) 769
The Pinterest Effect on Web Design and Usability: Let’s Evolve, Not Devolve 752
Twitter Bot Network Invades Social Media for Business: How BotNets Work 751
New Simple Analytics Package, Gaug.es, Worth Paying For, the Micro-Review 740
Apple Spring Anticipating Another Wave of Innovation: Phones, Laptops, Tablets 704
New Web Design Standards: Flexible-Width and non-IE Browsers Abound 695
The Twitter Way 647
Bungle in the Jungle or What’s In a Snipe: Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement 629
Facebook SCAM? Can your Brand Be HiJacked on Facebook? (BEST BUY, TARGET, APPLE) 622
What the iPhone 5 Will Bring This Fall: A Surprise 615
The Trouble w/ Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Oh-So-Maligned IE (maybe Opera mobile) 605
Twitter Hack Could Cause Problems: The Latest Hack Got My Password (StalkTrak) 601
Working Nights and Weekends: Social Media, It’s a Trap! 594

Social Media MBA – The Reading List 534
8 Social Media Steps & 5 Goals – The Simplified Social Media Plan [INFOGRAPHIC] 518
Auto-Bots Are Killing Twitter; Why Auto-Social & Robot-Social is Bad for Social 513
Mission Impossible 2011; MicroReview < Any more product placement and it’d be an ad 506
Facebook’s Social Disconnect Can Cause Even More Isolation – Is Facebook a False Connection? 490

My Top Questions About Online Marketing in 2013:

  1. Will Digg ever have an impact again?
  2. Is Pinterest for real, or will it fade?
  3. Is Twitter really growing in power, or is it too complex and too time consuming?
  4. Will any Small or Medium Business ever make money on Facebook?
  5. How will Google continue to dominate and control search, advertising, and social?
  6. Does Microsoft have anything left that is interesting?
  7. Will Apple’s stock fall flat or will the climb continue?


My uber.la 2012 stats are available on Slideshare.net


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