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Twitter updated their Direct Message inbox a few weeks ago, with a little icon that is supposed to remind you that you have DMs. That’s fine, but… the problem with Twitter DMs is they are 95% spam.

  1. TrueTwit – validations
  2. Download my eBook
  3. Friend me on Facebook
  4. Let’s Connect on LinkedIn
  5. Get More Followers…
  6. Thanks for following me…

The problem is not *noticing* that you have messages, it’s caring about any of the messages that are now more noticeable in your twitter account.

Programs like TrueTwit and Auto-Responders and Auto-Follow-backers fill your inbox with sweet nothings. There are .02% real communications in my Twitter inbox. It’s good Twitter added a "mark all as read" option, because that’s a nice way to clear your spam.

But that’s not what we needed. Not ANOTHER INBOX. If Twitter is not going to kill the TrueTwits or the Auto-Followers, Auto-Tweeters, there’s not much we can do to FIX the inbox problem. And if you’re going to use Twitter you might think twice about using a DM, just put it out there in the public stream.

Bottom Line: If you use TrueTwit or any Auto-Responding software YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

This presentation is available on Slideshare.net: The Problem with Twitter’s Inbox

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